Thursday, June 23, 2011


SUNDAY JUNE 26th is coming up fast...we are cleaning, building and hanging the setting for the Premiere of the LIVE Weekend Bazaar put on by the Firehouse Art Collective.
We are so proud to have the best line up of vendors seen at any event of this kind! Including our friends from the recent Underground Food Market in San Francisco.
As we are just about maxed out on vendors space, we are also scheduling live music and are offering a sweet free spot for a non profit org to offer information on what they do and are all about. The premiere bazaar will feature "Paintbrush Diplomacy" a group that brings art supplies to children in war torn areas and then collects the art to show at home thus bringing awareness into our lives about what is happening to our children in the world. "Connecting the world one paintbrush at a time. Promoting peace and understanding through the universal language of art."
We will post the line up of vendors on Saturday and also photos and videos of the actual event next week.

For the next step, we will need Your support, in keeping the bazaar thriving.

We know that this LIVE weekend Bazaar  has the potential to bring ripple effects all across the San Francisco Bay Area as a public, social community and cultural event, which transcends all differences in age, sex, race and lifestyle, as it connects us in the spirit of leisure, art and fantastic food.

This is a call for you to use your social networking platforms and resources to let everyone know about the ongoing weekly Saturday LIVE Weekend Bazaar in Berkeley brought to you by the Firehouse Art Collective, directed by Tom Franco and his current collaborators.

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