Tuesday, November 22, 2011


....Includes our 23MOnkeytree Kombucha bar...three flavors, let the good life flow!
Vendors can sign up here, we ask for any size donation (yes one dollare is fine:).

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Firehouse Live Bazaar November 12, 2011
Maybe it's the winter light, the anticipation of warm cozy intimacy with friends and family...the bazaar today felt like a precursor of whats to come for the holidays.
Indu Kline, of "Feeding people with Love" had her food booth set up and served lovely Indian comfort food which even my dog Malibu loved.
Moriah Hart, had her pottery set up and was making dragons live at her booth.
William Hugel, a first timer offered original children's stories hand bound in Japanese silk books, such a cool addition to the scene...
David Mintim set up his artisan glass decorations and Dan Hodkinson hung out helping Ninja style ever present as needed.
Kombucha flavor today was white flower, a blend of green tea, Jasmin and orange blossoms...last bottle today, before the next batch is hatched, bottled and ready to serve.
We had to set up lights at 4:40pm and the magic happened right around that sunset and christmas lightss switch over...coming to the Bazaar is a MUST if you are in the area of Adeline and MLK way in South Berkeley.
It's just the coolest awesomest space with some amazing artist peeps.
3192 Adeline street at the junction of Martin Luther King jr Way.
Call me at 510 593 0733 if you would like more information.
Just do it...come see us on Saturdays between noon and six pm.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


My name is Julia Lazar and I love to brew kombucha for my family, friends and global community.
In order for me to refine and prefect any food product it is important to pick a choice and then go deeper.

When I started out as a kombucha micro brewess, I was looking for "my" flavors...what tastes good to me?
After a couple of years of testing, experimenting with ingredients, finding suppliers, creating a clean sanctuary in which to keep the brewing tanks and bottling area, here are the results:

...a mix of organic, fair trade black teas fermented and not, rose petals from organic suppliers, organic evaporated cane juice, fresh water and a ton of loving attention to find the right timing to bottle, chill and distribute the batch. This goes for each flavor

..a blend of fresh and concentrated fruit juices, lemon, lime and pomegranate, water and organic cane sugar. I use no tea for my blend here.

...the current nectarian star of the trio, a flavor and elixir that came together after many attempts to brew kombucha that blows my own mind and thrills my subtle palate. A mix of organic fair trade white & green tea, herbs which I keep in proprietary confidence, Jasmine and orange blossoms, water and organic cane sugar.

The culture I use has the quality of "Santosha", the Sanskrit word for contentment that comes from silence, simplicity and connection. I developed it over the last 11 years and it has been my great goo fortune to be able to keep it thriving as a family member...OK, that's pretty deep, but it does take care, awareness and intention to keep a culture like our 23Monkeytree kombucha culture healthy and happy.

My goal is to have 23Monkeytree kombucha poured in super upscale restaurants as well as at live bazaars and art events.
Kamyar and Tamar from UC Berkeley pouring at the Oakland Art Murmur Firehouse Live Bazaar November 4th 2011
Drop me line in the comments section or come by and visit my weekly kombucha bar in Berkeley, on 3192 Adeline Street, at the Firehouse Live Bazaar. Noon to 6pm.
I also pour samples and cups at the Firehouse Art openings at Gallery North, every second Friday on 1790 Shattuck Avenue, in Berkeley, CA. 7 to 9pm.
More about the Firehouse Art Collective and events here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


SUNDAY JUNE 26th is coming up fast...we are cleaning, building and hanging the setting for the Premiere of the LIVE Weekend Bazaar put on by the Firehouse Art Collective.
We are so proud to have the best line up of vendors seen at any event of this kind! Including our friends from the recent Underground Food Market in San Francisco.
As we are just about maxed out on vendors space, we are also scheduling live music and are offering a sweet free spot for a non profit org to offer information on what they do and are all about. The premiere bazaar will feature "Paintbrush Diplomacy" a group that brings art supplies to children in war torn areas and then collects the art to show at home thus bringing awareness into our lives about what is happening to our children in the world. "Connecting the world one paintbrush at a time. Promoting peace and understanding through the universal language of art."
We will post the line up of vendors on Saturday and also photos and videos of the actual event next week.

For the next step, we will need Your support, in keeping the bazaar thriving.

We know that this LIVE weekend Bazaar  has the potential to bring ripple effects all across the San Francisco Bay Area as a public, social community and cultural event, which transcends all differences in age, sex, race and lifestyle, as it connects us in the spirit of leisure, art and fantastic food.

This is a call for you to use your social networking platforms and resources to let everyone know about the ongoing weekly Saturday LIVE Weekend Bazaar in Berkeley brought to you by the Firehouse Art Collective, directed by Tom Franco and his current collaborators.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bazaar cleaning team having a blast

On a sweltering hot day in the east bay, we had a blast with our water jets, garden hoses and squeegees.
Tom, Julia, Heather, Dan and David later joined by Will for the brainstorming session in the VIP chillzone room having sips of cold Kombucha...ahhh.
Cleaning the walls and floors of the new home for the LIVE Weekend Bazaar in Berkeley, put on by the Firehouse Art Collective creative team directed by our 23Monkeytree co-founder Tom Franco.
June 26th is the opening and we are super excited having over a hundred bottles of amazing pink bubbly Pomegranate Lime Kombucha ready for You.z

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Thanks to Adrienne Biggs, one of the key staffers at the Harmony Festival year round crew and a personal friend, we got invited to be the official Kombucha brand to be sold at the Tea House Cafe
Ask for Kombucha and you will be served 23Monkeytree Pomegranate Lime sparkling micro brew.
We couldn't be happier...yes, really.
Besides, we get to camp, see all the cool venues and best of all, live music day and night, of the coolest kind.
See you there!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

at the UNDERGROUND MARKET in San Francisco

You can see Julia Lazar handing out 23MOnkeytree Kombucha samples to Gardiner at 1:10 to 1:12....

Friday, May 20, 2011


it's a party at the underground market in san francisco
Pomegranate Lime and Amber Rose...
We love our kombucha brand name: Santosha...it means "Contentment" in Sanskrit and has the sound of effervescent bubbles built in the name.
Of Tibetan origin, as they had no fresh foods for months at the altitude and climate of the high Himalayas, the probiotic Kombucha culture could well be Human's best friend forever. 23Monkeytree Kombucha, a happy, helpful and friendly culture brewed in a proprietary mix of water, tea and organic sugars, is a symbiotic synergistic colony of yeasts and bacteria similar to kefir creating a health supporting mix of  vitamins and minerals to those who are lucky enough to drink it. YOU!
See you on Saturday, May 21, in San Francisco. 11am to 4pm.
Did I mention it’s a party…?
“A collaboration of The SF Underground Market and Public Works: Night Market.  This is going to be a lot like the markets you’ve come to know and love, but we’re upping the ante on the party in the later evening.
All of our favorite new and returning vendors will be scattered around 2 huge floors to share unique and delicious homemade food.” Iso Rabins for ForageSF
Also, if you want to more know about 23MOnkeytree, leave your question in the comment box and I’ll get back to you.
There is great info about Kombucha on GT Dave’s website.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Tom Franco Firehouse Art Collective director and 23Monkeytree Co-founder
Our SANTOSHA Kombucha© micro brew is a success in all ways.
People LOVE our 23MONKEYTREE© produced SANTOSHA Kombucha© in all flavors...peeps who either don't like kombucha or haven't had it, all get that sparkly look in their eyes, and exclaim: "this is the best kombucha I ever had"...for reals. I should video tape all the faces and the change coming over them...funny.
Pomegranate Lime was the winner again...go figure.
We will be at the Underground Farmer's market coming Saturday, May 21st, 11am to 4pm, offering the latest batches to you...looking forward to all our fans and newbees alike.

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