Thursday, November 10, 2011


My name is Julia Lazar and I love to brew kombucha for my family, friends and global community.
In order for me to refine and prefect any food product it is important to pick a choice and then go deeper.

When I started out as a kombucha micro brewess, I was looking for "my" flavors...what tastes good to me?
After a couple of years of testing, experimenting with ingredients, finding suppliers, creating a clean sanctuary in which to keep the brewing tanks and bottling area, here are the results:

...a mix of organic, fair trade black teas fermented and not, rose petals from organic suppliers, organic evaporated cane juice, fresh water and a ton of loving attention to find the right timing to bottle, chill and distribute the batch. This goes for each flavor

..a blend of fresh and concentrated fruit juices, lemon, lime and pomegranate, water and organic cane sugar. I use no tea for my blend here.

...the current nectarian star of the trio, a flavor and elixir that came together after many attempts to brew kombucha that blows my own mind and thrills my subtle palate. A mix of organic fair trade white & green tea, herbs which I keep in proprietary confidence, Jasmine and orange blossoms, water and organic cane sugar.

The culture I use has the quality of "Santosha", the Sanskrit word for contentment that comes from silence, simplicity and connection. I developed it over the last 11 years and it has been my great goo fortune to be able to keep it thriving as a family member...OK, that's pretty deep, but it does take care, awareness and intention to keep a culture like our 23Monkeytree kombucha culture healthy and happy.

My goal is to have 23Monkeytree kombucha poured in super upscale restaurants as well as at live bazaars and art events.
Kamyar and Tamar from UC Berkeley pouring at the Oakland Art Murmur Firehouse Live Bazaar November 4th 2011
Drop me line in the comments section or come by and visit my weekly kombucha bar in Berkeley, on 3192 Adeline Street, at the Firehouse Live Bazaar. Noon to 6pm.
I also pour samples and cups at the Firehouse Art openings at Gallery North, every second Friday on 1790 Shattuck Avenue, in Berkeley, CA. 7 to 9pm.
More about the Firehouse Art Collective and events here.

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