Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Celebrating 2012 into 2013 one event at the time

Curating an upcoming event at YBCA in San Francisco gave us a chance to hang out with Tommy Lau (photographer) and Maureen Dixon (Communications manager) the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.
The photo shoot was easy and fun and we topped it off with a dinner at Tom's college boyfriend Tyler MacNiven's "West Of Pecos" south western inspired restaurant, our go to dinner place in the Mission on Valencia and 16th.
The art event "ConVerge" on Thursday, January 17, 4-8pm in the lobby of YBCA adjacent to the 'small room for big ideas', is the heart and brain child of Katya Min, Senior Program manager at YBCA
We love these peeps and also the original intention of the YBCA in San Francisco to be a showcase and gathering spot for residents and visitors of every stripe and strokes.

Tom Frano and Julia Lazar Co host and co direct Firehouse art events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Monday, November 12, 2012

Initiating Berkeley Art Attack

Firehouse Co directors Tom Franco and Julia Lazar have been collaborating with Berkeley artists, galleries, shops, restaurants and cafes to initiate the Second Friday art walk all over Berkeley.
Click for the growing list of locations here.
Card designed by Ramon Rigoni.

art work courtesy of Ramon Rigoni

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kombucha keeps us squeaky clean

 Brewing our own brand and flavors has been a passion for over three years and we have refined our selection to three flavors:

  • White Flower, in  a base of herb and green teas, we add jasmine, elderberry flowers and orange blossoms plus organic cane sugar which is the basic 'food' for the kombucha 'scoby*' culture
  • Amber Rose, in a base of black teas like assam, darjeeling, Pu-err, herbal like roibois plus tea rose buds and petals with the added organic cane sugar which feeds the kombucha 'scoby*' culture
  • The two fruit flavors are seasonal:  In spring and summer we brew Pomegranate Lime; Fall and winter sports the all American Concorde Grape
  • * scoby stands for: synergistic colony of beneficial yeasts (and bacteria like yogurt,kefir have)
  • kombucha beverage is non-alcoholic at about 0.5%
As of now we only supply our inner circle friends and peeps, we will let everyone know when we are ready with permits, insurance and all the legal dance involved in providing our goods to the general public.

If you by chance are reading this and think, cool I can help these guys with next steps, please contact us.
Or, I have heard about this kombucha brand and am dying to get my hands on us.
Phone 510-593-0733
Leave a comment here... it will get us and make us smile.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Two locations for our signature pop up Bazaar which is an art & makers fair taking place in Berkeley on Saturdays, noon to 6pm and Emeryville daily 11am to 8pm starting March 1st.
great thing is, there are so many great vendors and peeps all over the east bay who love to come, show & sell and meet & mingle.
It's like setting up a healthy candy treat for the community in their favorite hang out locations.
If you haven't met us, come and say hi this coming Saturday afternoon, have a delightful tea and scone from Indu's Wild Duck Cafe assortments and enjoy the good company. Your kids can play at the art spot, your dog can romp with Malibu our poodle mix and you can come talk shop with us about art and events.
See you soon...we love to hear from you, comment below.
Oh, and if you are a vendor and would like to have a spot selling your cool stuff, you can click on the calendar on the sidebar and register now...easy!

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