Friday, August 17, 2012

Kombucha keeps us squeaky clean

 Brewing our own brand and flavors has been a passion for over three years and we have refined our selection to three flavors:

  • White Flower, in  a base of herb and green teas, we add jasmine, elderberry flowers and orange blossoms plus organic cane sugar which is the basic 'food' for the kombucha 'scoby*' culture
  • Amber Rose, in a base of black teas like assam, darjeeling, Pu-err, herbal like roibois plus tea rose buds and petals with the added organic cane sugar which feeds the kombucha 'scoby*' culture
  • The two fruit flavors are seasonal:  In spring and summer we brew Pomegranate Lime; Fall and winter sports the all American Concorde Grape
  • * scoby stands for: synergistic colony of beneficial yeasts (and bacteria like yogurt,kefir have)
  • kombucha beverage is non-alcoholic at about 0.5%
As of now we only supply our inner circle friends and peeps, we will let everyone know when we are ready with permits, insurance and all the legal dance involved in providing our goods to the general public.

If you by chance are reading this and think, cool I can help these guys with next steps, please contact us.
Or, I have heard about this kombucha brand and am dying to get my hands on us.
Phone 510-593-0733
Leave a comment here... it will get us and make us smile.

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